Monday, June 3, 2013

Seasonal Masterchef for Russia's Cooking Class

Hello to all Chefs. I'm looking for International recognized Chefs that they can be interested to collaborate with me about doing Masterclasses of International cuisine in Russia. We organize event, catering and more, we already have different Chefs part of our team, now we will like to add few more very highly professional Chefs. We are interested at Italian, France, Asian, Lebanese, International Ches background. Please contact me when you can be interested. Masterclasses are fully paid, also travel and accomodation expensive. Thank you for your attention. 
To be clear, this isn't a full job offer to work in Russia. The Chefs we will choose they will come here and make masterclasses, can be for few days or maximum a week time. This will happen periodically all year long. Of course we will agree with the Chefs about which dates are suitable for him and us. Thank you again.

Mail your cv here:
Contact: Maximillian Berno

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