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Jr.Sous Chef for Bahrain's Al Ghalia Multi Restaurant Operator

Al Ghalia WLL is a Bahrain-based company which is part of a large and wide company portfolio – from newspapers to hotels/resorts, independent restaurants, retail, financial and real estate investments, construction and Health & Beauty divisions

Duty Tasks
The Sous Chef is responsible to assist, under general guidance and supervision of the Head Chef for the daily operation in the assigned kitchen to meet the expected standards. During your time you are fully in charge for the food production. The kitchen team member will assist in the preparation and service of all sections in the kitchen

Report to
Head Chef

Essential Functions
×    To work on all station of assignment under Head Chef
×    Set up Station properly and on time for each service period
×    Make sure all food is prepared by recipes designated by the Head Chef
×    Make sure quality and quantity meets our standard and keep constantly in the highest level
×    Notify Head Chef of any problems or complaint as when they arise
×    Be able to work in another area when needed
×    Be able to assist in same day preparation and advance preparation for another station as instructed by the supervisor
×    Be able to come anytime to any and all kitchen meetings whilst on duty or day off
×    To follow and to follow up clean as you go policy and keep work area clean at all times for himself and the team
×    Do not leave your section without doing the final check
×    Double check for all food items for storage must be covered, dated and labeled according HACCP standard
×    Double check proper food & stock rotation – first in – first out
×    Fill out the appropriate log sheets according our standard on a daily basis
×    Make sure production charts are closely followed and adhered to
×    Fill out the appropriate cleaning charts on a daily basis
×    Working with the Head Chef and the kitchen team to maintain high standards in the quality of food both as to its preparation and its presentation
×    To observe and responsible to all Company Food Hygiene and Health and Safety Policy
×    To assist the Head Chef, to check the completeness of all food and kitchen equipment sent to each Function
×    To assist the Head Chef to check the completeness of all suppliers’ deliveries and the correctness of their Invoice
×    To assist Head Chef in delivering the right Monthly Budget and the consistency in proper Food Cost Management System that already been set by the company
×    To be aware of current food trends with regard to presentation and style and help with new menu ideas and menu design
×    Ensuring Unit kitchen is left clean and tidy at all times
×    To work closely with Head Chef and other Chefs at each event to ensure that the function runs smoothly
×    Able to train the other junior staff to follow the rules and regulation mentioned in the company guidance
×    Able to take smart decision (in this case, if there is no presence of Head Chef) which will benefit to all urgent situation
×    Willing to take responsibility for all the team member work done under your guidance
×    Close liaison with the Event Manager with regard to service and timings
×    Be aware of all accidents prevention and help enforce the work habits
×    Follow all kitchen regulations as outlined and directed
×    No employee to be on the property after working hours without signed authorization from a Manager
×    Swipe in and out has to be done in uniform, not before getting changed
×    No Overtime will be given prior to the responsibility
×    Will sign acceptance for tools, knives, uniforms etc. and will pay back to the company for any loss or damage of said equipment
×    Any Violation of the above mentioned rules will be subject to a disciplinary action

Experience, Skills and Knowledge
Good communicating verbal and written skills in English.
Extended Knowledgeable about basic hygiene and HACCP.
Leadership skill

High school with 10-11 years experience
Or Diploma Culinary Degree with 6-7 years experience

Interested Candidate May send Your CV and Reference to:


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